European research shows mobile commerce is changing consumers’ behaviour.

A research carried out by Forrester Consulting involving 2000 smartphone users in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden has found that 71% across all countries are researching potential purchases via mobile and 53% are buying goods and services making the traditional in-store approach a thing of the past.
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Supporting Britain conservation efforts

Netjib is pleased to announce the release of York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship website.
Built in collaboration with Mode Design studio in just under four weeks, the new site will help the YCCC support individuals and companies who are actively engaged in or support the conservation of heritage in the UK and abroad.
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TortoiseSVN icons and overlays gone missing? Read on..

TortoiseSVN is a well known and well-respected versioning software that works as a shell extension. However following a recent upgrade this valuable tools seemed to have stopped working, its icons and overlays being apparently gone from my system. After a couple of days searching the web I have managed to get it back on its feet and here is how...
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Designing for mobile first: is it worth bothering yet?

I started as web designer over a decade ago and over that period of time saw design and development techniques come and go. More recently the so-called ‘responsive design’ approach started to capture my interest and having recently read a number of articles on the subject advocating the need of designing for mobile first, it surely started to feel it was the only right thing to do going forward.
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Spoofed e-mail address

Yesterday I received a newsletter were all the recipients had been put by mistake put in the CC field, which caused some stir amongst the subscribers on the grounds of privacy and concerns about receiving more spam.

Feeling the author of the newsletter must have felt bad enough as it was I thought best not to comment further but truth is that another risk (and in my opinion a bigger one) can arise from that sort of situation: e-mail spoofing. 

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