Every year the Office of National Statistics takes a snapshot of the UK internet population. As a web marketing agency we believe the 2009 edition makes for an interesting read whether you are considering taking your business online or embracing the social web.

This post attempts to summarize this 16 page report which can be found here.

Report summary

In 2009, 70% of households had Internet access and an increase of 1.85 million households since 2008 (2009 National Statistics Opinions (Omnibus) survey).
Of all UK households, 63% (16.5 million) had a broadband Internet connection in 2009, an increase from 56% in 2008. Of those households with Internet access, 90% had a broadband connection in 2009, an increase from 69% in 2006.

Household Internet access

In 2009, the proportion of households able to access the Internet varied between UK regions. The region with the highest level of Internet access was London at 80%. Scotland had the lowest proportion of households with Internet access at 62%.

Individuals’ use of the Internet

In 2009, 76% of the UK adult population accessed the Internet in the three months prior to interview. This was an increase of 10.3% (3.5 million adults) from 2008.
There has been growth in Internet access by all age groups but the largest increase in the proportion of those accessing the Internet was in the oldest age group (65 plus).
Access by those aged 65 plus increased proportionally by 15%, compared with an increase of 3% for the 16-24 age group.

Frequency of use of the Internet

In 2009, 73% of adults accessed the Internet every day or almost every day. The 16-24 age group accessed the Internet the most, with 86% using it every day or almost every day. The 65 plus age group used it the least, with 52% using it every day or almost every day.

Internet activities 

The most popular activity of recent Internet users was sending and receiving emails (90%).
However, 2009 also saw a boom in social networking. 40% Internet users stated that they posted messages to chat sites, blogs and newsgroups (up from 20% in 2008). There was an increase from 24% to 40% of recent Internet users who stated they uploaded self created content.
The use of the Internet for online audiovisual activities also saw significant developments in 2009. An increasing number of broadcasters made their content available to web viewers or listeners in 2009, highlighted by the 42% of recent users listening to web radio or watching web television. This increased from 34% in 2008.
Telephoning over the Internet (or making video calls using webcams) was also a popular activity in 2009, with 21% communicating over this medium.

Purchasing over the Internet 

In 2009, 64% of all recent Internet users had ever purchased goods or services over the Internet. Of these, 83% (26 million) had purchased within the last three months, with little difference between the proportions of men and women who made recent purchases.
The proportion of men who made recent purchases remained at the 2008 level of 83%, while those made by women continued to rise (by 2%) to 82%.
Age is also a factor in the types of goods and services purchased online. While the younger age groups favoured purchasing clothes and sports goods, the most popular purchase for the oldest age group were books, magazines, newspapers or e-learning material.

Growth of wi-fi hotspots

In 2009, the majority of Internet users accessed the Internet at home (94%). However, the number of users accessing the Internet via a wireless hotspot has risen in recent years.
This coincided with growth in available hotspots, with many pubs and cafes now offering free wireless Internet access.

Digital TV

The UK is currently in the process of the digital television switch-over, which is scheduled to be complete by 2012. In 2009, 86% of UK households received digital television, with Wales leading the way at 90%. Households in London had the lowest level of digital television, at 81%.

Internet access and educational qualifications

Almost all adults (95%) aged under 70 who had a degree or equivalent qualification were estimated to live in a household with Internet access. Those who had no formal qualifications were least likely to have an Internet connection, at 52%.

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We aim to provide small and medium businesses with integrated web marketing solutions, traditionally available only to larger companies.

Our area of expertise includes: web design and development, email marketing, search marketing and online advertising.

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Netjib is a web marketing agency based in Bromley, Kent. We aim to provide small and medium businesses with simple yet innovative online solutions. Our area of expertise in includes: web design and development, email marketing, search marketing and online advertising.

*Office of National Statistics -  Internet Access Households and Individuals 2009

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