TortoiseSVN icons and overlays gone missing? Read on..

Quick post for those of you guys who use TortoiseSVN to version your work. I have recently upgraded to v.1.7.7 and after rebooting realised that all the sub-menu icons and overlays had gone. After a couple of days probing I have managed to get them all back, so in case this can help someone out there here is what I did:

Note: My development workstation is Toshiba laptop running Vista Business SP2

• Install TortoiseSVN including the command line tools. The default settings will skip these but if shove comes to push they can be a great help in getting you out of a sticky situation.

• Reboot! (It’s Windows remember)

• To bring up the TSVN icons, hold the SHIFT key as you right click on your folder of choice. This will bring up an extended contextual menu, which hopefully should have the desired shortcuts.

Note: In case some of the options you require are still not visible, the extended menu (SHIFT + right click) should give you the option of opening a command window in that specific folder thus allowing you to use the SVN command line.

Hope this helps ;-)
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