Designing for mobile first: is it worth bothering yet?

I started as web designer over a decade ago and over that period of time saw design and development techniques come and go. More recently the so-called ‘responsive design’ approach started to capture my interest and having recently read a number of articles on the subject advocating the need of designing for mobile first, it surely started to feel it was the only right thing to do going forward.

Yet being well aware that we, web designers, tend sometimes to get over-excited about the latest, sleekest techniques and that we use (or at least would love to use) the latest platforms, I could not help but wonder where mobile usage currently stood (apologies to all my teachers I know my inquisitive side was sometimes annoying).
As it was recently quoted in a number of articles about Google Chrome now being the most widely used web browser in the world, I went to take a peek at StatsCounter ( as it seemed just as trustworthy starting point as any.
Needless to say that I was quite surprised but what came out as the stats at the time of writing were as follow:
Mobile vs. desktop - Worldwide: 10.11% (mobile) / 89.89% (desktop)
Mobile vs. desktop - UK: 10.66% (mobile) / 89.34% (desktop)

Now, don’t get wrong I am the proud owner of a touchscreen smart phone and I cannot wait for the day we will be able to swipe through website pages or stages of online applications.
I also appreciate these are generic stats and some organisations probably already see the bulk of their traffic coming from mobile platform but I cannot help but wonder if the web design community (me included) is not getting ahead of itself ever so slightly.
Let me know your thoughts
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