Yesterday I received a newsletter were all the recipients had been put by mistake put in the CC field, which caused a stir amongst some of the subscribers on the grounds of privacy and concerns about receiving more spam.
Feeling the author of the newsletter must have felt bad enough as it was (I received a copy of the newsletter seconds later with recipients this time in BCC) I thought best not to comment further to my fellow subscriber but truth is that another risk (and in my opinion bigger one) can arise from that sort of situation, address spoofing.
Generally speaking spammers obviously need addresses to send to but as filtering becomes increasingly efficient, they also more and more need addresses to send from.
Most e-mail servers not only operates a black and white list system but also carry out background checks on the sender account in an effort to filter randomly generated address as well as known spam account.
A genuine e-mail account therefore represents a lot of value to spammer as it is very likely to go through the authentication process and is also more likely to be opened should the recipient knows the supposed sender.
Trouble obviously arises when the captured  e-mail address is used for business as not only will the legitimate owner start getting bounce-back responses from the spam mailshot but damage to the company’s reputation and blacklisting of the offending e-mail account could soon follow.
So what should you do?
Well, as they say an prevention is better than cure so first and foremost make sure you protect your email address and if you are a business make sure your website has a contact form not e-mail links.
What if you start noticing bounce back in your inbox?
It is best not to ignore and notify the organisation (or person) who host your e-mail account as soon as you can. For those of you with Google and Hotmail here is some further details:
Google mail:
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