With the volume of information generally available online, it can sometimes be difficult to go to the source of a piece of news.

This obviously represents a true challenge for Google as search engines are in constant competition to provide better, more relevant result and as quickly as possible.

To help with issue, Google is now introducing two new meta-tags syndication-source and original-source to deal with syndicated news and general reports.

Although addressing different scenarios, the new tags aim at establishing quickly the orginal author behind a certain piece of information and reward the effort by displaying this latter more prominently.

However — before you jump on your keyboard or pick up the phone to call your web designer — it is important to note that although both tags are acknowledged by Google indexing software or “googlebots”, these may not have perceptible effect right away.

This is to give Google the chance to observe how these are used “in the wild” before deciding on the importance they should be given namely with ranking.

It remains nonetheless that if you are regular content / news publisher this could very much help establish authority in your industry.

Note: “syndicated news” also sometime referred as RSS is a standard format for quickly sharing news off a website/blog across the multiple online channels

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