Big or small or in-between, nowadays everyone expect businesses to have an online presence, so where do you start and what are the things you need to watch out for?

At Netjib, it usually begins with a pen and paper rather than to jump straight into Photoshop. Since a website is nothing without an audience, we like to think this is where all good design should start.

Know your customer

You may have noticed that this section is entitled ‘know your customer’ and not ‘know your customers’ and this is intentional. As online business grows, so has become the importance of making content relevant for the individual.

The good news is this is probably the bit of your business that you know better than anyone else. So sit down for a minute and write everything you know about your typical customer and most importantly what makes him or her tick.

That second point is especially important as it will influence the tone and arguments of your website copy – but more on that later. Then, if you have business partner(s) run this ideal profile pass them as this might help balance out characteristics and make it more realistic.

Get your content right

To make sure that you are on your way to great content, start by defining the general structure of your web site and then work progressively your way down to page level.

A few software and online applications can help with this task but unless you are planning a very complex website, I would actually recommend that you keep hold to your pen and paper.

If you are new to site mapping, simply start writing down the section headings and the different paths that a visitor can take to access the relevant content (see example below)


The trick here is to make it really simple and make sure prospect find it easy to convert into lead.

Then if your site requires it, add the data store(s) and secure content areas to make sure that you streamline your development time and avoid redundancies.

Once this is in place, it is time to dwell into with the content of your web pages.

Forget the forest, talk to the tree

Depending on the products or services that you sell, your ideal customer may or may not spend a sizeable portion of his/her time online and your content needs to reflect this.

If you decide to write your own content – as opposed to use the services of a copy writer – my advice would be to list the top five questions and objections that you usually get from your clients and make sure that your content addresses these at a personal not group level.

Pay also attention to the tone that you use throughout your copy as most people do not like to be lectured or sold to but instead prefer to be given reasons to buy

Once you are satisfied with the content for your web pages, then I would recommend that you ask someone, preferably not involved with your business, to cast a critical eye and make sure it all make sense even to someone with no prior knowledge.

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